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Open Source in Business Software

Technology innovation moves faster through collaboration - so should software businesses. At FossFish we believe that Open Source contributions should not be limited to individual's spare time or a luxury of large businesses with spare budget. By creating an open-by-default model for software businesses we are paving the way to a more collaborative future. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we could help your project, team or business develop faster and better through the use of Open Source Software. Whether it's planning, licensing or support we're here to help.

Community Engagement

Are you part of an open source project that is struggling, or trying to start something and not sure where to begin? If you're looking for funding, developers or community growth we can help advise along the way.

Get in touch and tell us all about your project, what you are struggling with and how we could help - we love to be part of the growing number of meaningful open source projects around the world.




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As we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours;
and this we should do freely and generously.
— Benjamin Franklin